Land tenure system in northern ghana history

images land tenure system in northern ghana history

The reservation of the good fertile land for the exclusive settlement of whites provided the impetus for the independence struggle, especially in predominantly agricultural areas such as Southern Province. Property registration in Ghana is very complex. In contrast, four different government bodies administer State land or policies governing leasehold tenure. Informal settlements in Ghana are characterized by insecure land tenure and poor quality marginal land UN-Habitat In urban areas many land transactions still follow customary practices, and the receiver of land is expected to offer a token payment to the original owner. The Commission regulates forest reserves and protected areas, monitors timber harvests, advises on technical issues of forest protection and conservation, and works with private entities on forest management and conservation issues including the development of forest plantations and game ranches.

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  • Ghana has a unique position in the political history of sub-Saharan Africa, being the first . Ghana as a country has a peculiar land tenure system.

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    endowment between the southern and northern parts of the country, the. Ghana. An overview of the system of land ownership and access in the rural areas for both residential and agricultural purposes conducted on land in northern Ghana, e.g.

    [15] on. sisters in their families of origin and wives in their families. The land ownership and tenure systems in Ghana reflect the established. Kumasi is located in the transitional forest zone, about km north of the national.
    The combination of restricted land access and agricultural practices resulted in excessive erosion. Despite the constraints, customary land tenure has continued to survive because it is a product of the peoples' culture and values and is consistent with the African way of life.

    However, the availability of land is virtually guaranteed. The Minerals Commission can grant mining leases for mining rights to specific minerals in a defined geographic area.

    While the debate on reform to facilitate the private ownership of reserves and trust land continues, care needs to be taken to prevent better-educated and better-connected urban speculators from abusing the situation at the expense of the rural population. Strangers migrants or foreigners access land through the chief or earth priest, and exercise their use-rights through clearing and cultivating the land they are given.

    images land tenure system in northern ghana history

    The State Property and Contracts Act first placed all state property in the hands of the President and granted the President the sole power to compulsorily acquire Ghanaian lands.

    images land tenure system in northern ghana history
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    As of there were 13, cattle, and 61, sheep and goats in Ghana.

    The discrimination against women in both customary and privatized tenure is real. These forests are found within the Guinea savanna woodland, riverine woodland, and Sudan savanna woodland ecological zones.

    images land tenure system in northern ghana history

    Customary tenure is the dominant system governing land administration on 94 percent of the land mass of Zambia. However, these statutory provisions often cause additional conflicts due to their lack of harmonization with customary land laws. The Lands Commission works within these statutory provisions to manage processes of compulsory acquisition by the state. When the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy government came into power in it noted that the land policies inherited from the previous government were a result of an unsatisfactory colonial heritage but that previous reforms had not improved the situation.

    Donors could support Ghana's customary land tenure systems by partnering with the .

    However, in Northern Ghana, Fulani herders care for settled farmers' herds.

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    The Customary Land Secretariats hold authority to record and manage. to chiefs and their collaborators, whiles acephalous systems al low more space for.

    The article seeks to show the flipsides to the story of land commoditization in Customary land tenure relations in northern Ghana are undergoing rapid. emerging patterns of access in Northern Ghana show the traditional land tenure systems in most parts of who are of southern origin.
    This shift will inevitably result in demands for changes in tenure systems.

    images land tenure system in northern ghana history

    The Constitution vests all public land in the State, and all customary land in stool and skins customary authorities or chieftaincies families and lineages. This section presents an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the land tenure systems with respect to a number of variables including employment creation, income generation, agricultural productivity, social justice, social cohesion and group solidarity, environmental considerations and general welfare.

    The concentration of gardens close to villages led to a rapid depletion of soil fertility because of continuous cultivation without allowance of sufficient time for fallowing.

    In customary tenure, women do not inherit land.

    images land tenure system in northern ghana history
    The numbers of cattle on the grazing lands are not controlled, and this omission results in overstocking in some areas, which in turn causes accelerated erosion and a reduction in palatable grazing.

    Such efforts could prevent loss of land by small farmers and other community members who depend on secure land access.

    Land and society in contemporary Africa. However, the President retains the right to make land dispositions in these areas. These trends have continued in post-independence Zambia. World Bank Economic Review5: Generally, landowners have rights to the trees and crops they may grow on their land.


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      The combination of restricted land access and agricultural practices resulted in excessive erosion. Similarly, the State owns all minerals, and the State has full authority to occupy and use land for mining.

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      The purpose of title registration is to give certainty to ownership and to facilitate proof of title to make dealings in land safe, simple and cheap, and to prevent fraud.

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      The two land tenure systems obtaining in Zambia today are different both in principle and in practice. Generally speaking, water rights are strongly tied to land rights.

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      There are also conflicts between governments and social groups, and between transnational corporations and social groups Ayee et al.

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      In southern Ghana customary tenure systems are undergoing changes, including increased share-cropping and tenancy.